Freeze Your Squeeze

How Do You Freeze Your Squeeze?

Freezing your squeeze is a great way to ensure you have farm fresh chilled juice, whenever you need or feel like it.



Step 1:

Remove the lid and the juice down to the printed use-by date.


freeze you squeeze the great australian squeeze orange and grapfruit juice

Step 2:

Sit the lid back on the bottle lightly (do not screw on), your juice is now ready for the freezer.

the great australian squeeze family size farm fresh orange juice

Step 3:

Stand bottles upright in the freezer

How Long Does It Last In The Freezer?

the great australian squeeze how long does it last in the freezer

This bottle of 500ml grapefruit juice with the use-by date of 23 April 2021 was thawed on the 31st October. Your juice will last at least 6 months in the freeze.

How Long Does It Take To Thaw?

Your can move to the fridge to thaw or you can leave on the kitchen bench.

Thawing in the fridge happens over a few days and helps your fridge run more efficiently. On the bench is the quickest way to thaw and depending on the temperature depends on how long it takes to thaw. If you are choosing the bench option make sure you don't leave out too long that your juice warms, you juice must remain or below four degree.

How Do I Freeze Small Bottles For A Lunchbox? 


For the smaller bottles to take each day you can freeze the bottom third and then pour the juice back into the bottle and by midday it will be icy cold and ready to drink. Depending on the time of year, play around with the amount you freeze, that is in winter a smaller amount and in the summer you can reverse the ratio to more frozen, less juice.

Enjoy the ice cold juicy slushy!

This method also means you don't need an ice-pack as well and works for both 350 ml and 500 ml bottles.

I hope this helps you get more out your fresh juice delivery

Amanda 💛🧡